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How Test Automation Changed My Mindset

Last updated: 10.06.19
How Test Automation Changed My Mindset

Soon I will celebrate 2 years at trendig technology services GmbH! For 20 months I have been traveling around Germany and Europe, teaching everything I know about testing, quality, requirements and agile. Sometimes people ask me how it all started, why I became a trainer. 

You will not believe me, but everything started with test automation!

This is the story of how it came about. One thing I can tell you right away – after approx. 50 trainings I am still excited to travel to new and familiar places and meet people who are just starting their career in IT or ready to take the next step on their personal development journey! Time to time I get questions from my students which require me to think and do a little research because even after having worked already 20 years in IT I do not know everything and keep learning. 

I stick to my life motto: "Docendo discimus" (“By teaching, we learn!”).