20 years of trendig technology services GmbH,

19 years of those named as Díaz and Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH. We still have employees who have come all the way with us and we have customers and partners who have remained loyal to us for all these years. I’m very grateful for that. We have grown with them – and now design and accompany the entire software lifecycle: from innovation design sprints to prototypes and MVPs, through start-up as a service and clean code development to sustainably successful products and their operation on the market. Throughout the entire process, working together at eye level, respect for soft skills and an agile approach, as well as quality at every level, are a matter of professional concern to us. We celebrate everything together at our international events. Do we have a key to our success so far? Yes! Our international team. Diversity and respect are very important to us and the team leads trendig to what we are: A market leader for sustainable innovation management, agile development, integrated quality assurance and incredibly good learning festivals.

But hey, whilst we are proud of what we’ve achieved: We can’t afford to stand still and we find it incredibly boring! That’s why we keep running ahead so that our customers don’t miss any important trends or take part in the misleading ones.

And: We want to celebrate. That’s why from our birthday on July 1, 2018 onwards, there will be a gift every month from trendig for you!
And sometimes we ask you for a present as well and would be happy if you fulfill this wish for us as a birthday kid.

Yours José
on behalf of the entire trendig team