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trendig brings customers value through consulting.
We employ technologies, methods, processes and our love of sharing our know-how in the form of:

Our company welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientation, and family situations. Our colleagues come from a variety of nationalities (8 at the last count), beliefs, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We know that diverse companies are strong companies, and we encourage people from all walks of life to come and work with us!

your opportunity: backend software developer

We are currently growing our software development team and are looking for backend developers that will help us to delight our customers and shape our engineering culture.

Do you enjoy going deep into business domains and produce maintainable code enabling slick user experiences? Great, we’re on the right track.

This job offer is open to candidates with experience in any of [Java|C#|Go|Python|Node.js|Ruby|Elixir] because 1) our clients use different technologies, 2) we love to develop greenfield projects choosing our own stack and 3) we truly believe in the “hire for attitude, train for skill” mantra.

So, if you believe in choosing the right tool for the job and are able to adopt different technologies with ease then why don’t you tell us what skills, interests and experience you have? A bonus point for those looking forward to leverage and explore modern backend technologies (i.e. serverless architectures).

let’s talk if you:

Do the above points resonate with you? Excellent, these are the things we really value and the core of our engineering culture; we need you to keep this alive!

and… what about the perks?

We understand that everyone has different needs and interests, and we support our people in this regard. Bringing family and work together? Fancy attending a conference? Get new books? Tell us what you need ;)

what else has to be said?

Although we are an international company, most of our projects are with German speaking companies. Thus, knowledge of German is a big plus. If you don’t speak German (but would be keen to learn, with our help!) and think it’s a perfect match, please go ahead and apply!

ok, enough. how to apply?

We are excited to hear from you, please drop us a message (click on button below or send an email at and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

By the way, do you have published blog posts, open source contributions, talks, or any other relevant material? Don’t hesitate to include them in your application.