Anja is the northern lights among our trainers. With her Nordic cool, cordial manner, it is important to her that the participants get to know terms and methods, can apply them and, in the end, take a lot of new knowledge with them to be able to do their job afterwards with fun and success.
Her practical experience from numerous customer projects enables her to enrich her knowledge with examples in different ways and also to address the perspectives of the numerous roles in the area of test phases and test projects.
When Anja wants to be alone, she goes swimming no matter what time of day. Otherwise she loves to dance with her husband Kizomba and Tango Argentino.


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trendig is an accredited provider for ISTQB software testing, mobile testing, agile and requirements Engineering training.
The Certified Agile Tester training is aimed at software testers, software developers and test engineers.
The IREB CPRE training with certification qualifes testers in requirements analysis and management for requirements engineering.
CMAP is a certificate by iSQI and ISTQB. designed for software testers to become app testers.