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ISTQB® - International Software Testing Qualifications Board

exam preparation

The certificate „ISTQB Certified Tester“ has meanwhile become a standard proof of qualification of software testers across all industries

The umbrella organisation „International Software Testing Qualification Board“ (ISTQB) now includes professionals from well over 130 countries who work on high quality standards and the further development of the scheme throughout the year.

Therefore, for many software testers, ISTQB certification is an important milestone on their career path to prove their qualifications independently. The certificate is explicitly requested in many job advertisements.

how can you prepare for the istqb exam?

There are several ways to prepare for the examination on the way to a successful final assessment:

Self-study based on qualified specialist literature

Attending a training course from ISTQB-accredited training providers

Each software tester should decide for himself what experience he or she already has and how much interaction with other software testing professionals and an experienced teacher he or she needs to manage the exam preparation properly.

Even though many learning aids and exercises for the ISTQB exam can be found on the Internet, questions that are difficult to answer on their own remain open for the selection of the right answers. For this purpose, trainings offer a good forum to exchange experiences and best practices and to get helpful and valuable tips for the preparation of the exams.

If you have been preparing for the exam on your own, but perhaps still have a few questions or just want to go through some exam questions directly, the 1-day ISTQB® CTFL Bootcamp Training is just the right workshop for you. 


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