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Hagen Schendel (extern)

Hagen started programming in 1990 and has been programming ever since. In 2008 he worked with Scrum for the first time and in numerous projects and positions he learned a lot about how agile methods not only make programming more effective, but also how to keep it fun or even increase it.

Since 2010, Hagen has worked as a freelance Software Engineering Consultant, Product Owner, Executive or Agile Coach and Scrum Master for clients like TravelTainment, HolidayCheck or XING.  At the 2019 Agile Austria Conference in Graz he spoke on the topic "Agile Team member hiring".

His hobbyhorse, however, is and remains software development. During his time as an executive in software development, Hagen gained a lot of experience in making development teams fit not only methodically but also technically for agile software development.


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