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Kristīne Corbus

Kristine Corbus is the magician in our training team. Although she prefers to wear vibrant clothing rather than a flowing cape, she has mastered many tips and tricks that are tried and tested in everyday working life and enjoys passing these on to course participants. She says that it sometimes takes magic to eliminate the obstacles in your own company before testers can carry out their own work. Which is why Kristine Corbus believes that the principle of “Pay it Forward” is particularly important, i.e. sharing experiences with each another for the common aim of improving the overall quality of software. This is how she acts, not just in the trendig training sessions but also when organizing tester meetups and smaller tester events. 
Kristine, a trained computer science systems theorist, has over 15 years' project experience in both English and German in agile as well as in traditional projects, and provides special insights into the fields of e-commerce, e-learn…



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