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Shuqi’s passion is finding better ways of learning together by creating stimulating and interactive learning environments. She encourages participants and individuals creativities. She tailors the content to fix participants' needs. Shuqi is professional and knowledgeable in test strategy, agile testing transformation, agile testing improvement process and provides practical, interactive and fun filled activity based training to individuals and teams through workshops. Afterall, the focus of training should always be the participants instead of the trainer. 
She is a quality advocate, facilitator, coach, test manager, trainer, international conference speaker, agile tester and a woman of action. She obtained her bachelor degree in financial management in China and stepped into the IT world in 2008. After one year working in Singapore, she came to Germany in 2009. Drawing from over 8 years mutil-cultural experience working with collocated, distributed, remote teams, from small and industry-leading enterprises in banking, insurance, logistic and automobile industries across the world, she helps the organisations and the teams to deeper understanding what is blocking them from achieving their quality goals so they can transform their challenges to opportunities. 
She is a Yoga practitioner, an animal lover and a handcrafter. Every morning 5 mins Yoga helps her to keep her body and mind connected and start the day with more energy. She designs and sews her own clothes, mixes her own cosmetics with natural ingredients. 

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