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Stuart Young (RADTAC Ltd.)

Stuart is a professional Graphic Recorder with extensive traditional/ Agile Project management experience and a deep-rooted appreciation for Design Thinking and Agile Principles and Methodologies. 

After graduating with a design degree he spent over 10 years working in the public sector. During this period he discovered visual techniques that assisted teams to clearly identify service improvements whilst focusing on the needs of end users.

Over time he has become accustomed to Agile and Design Thinking ways of working, becoming a Certified Scrum Master, DSDM Agile Analyst, Lean, Kanban Practitioner and SPC4 consultant.

With international notoriety within the Agile Community and beyond he has provided graphic recording at multiple Global events. By creating a visual information radiator he translates concepts and processes into engaging visuals with the intention of simplifying complexity and accelerating learning. 

He contributes to team and organisational vision…



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