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trendig techtalk - our knowledge to solve your problem

Last updated: 14.05.20
trendig techtalk - our knowledge to solve your problem

A few days ago, a colleague asked if anyone at trendig had some information for him on the subject of "remote retrospectives" due to the current situation.
Within a very short time (not only literally "overnight") he had received some interesting articles on the topic, a few useful tips by e-mail and a list of tools from our community.

Unfortunately, the corporate culture is not everywhere as as it is at trendig, where it is part of the DNA of the team to share knowledge and to support colleagues as a sparring partner and coach in tricky questions and decisions.

For this reason we want to try something new: With our techtalk we make it possible for you to become a temporary part of our team and to clarify your individual questions with us one to one and to master your professional challenges together.

Whether you are not quite sure how to get started with a new topic, such as continuous integration, you can't decide between different solutions for test automation of your web applications, or you are looking for some ideas for new and exciting retrospective formats - the trendig team is at your side!


How does this work? Very simple!

You write your question as concretely as possible to and we'll find the colleague who is familiar with it. He or she will take a full hour to discuss the topic with you, to rack their brains for a solution, or to show you something hands-on.

So - if you have a question or a problem, try our techtalk - besides learning, fun is guaranteed! Staying close in distant times and beyond: Our techtalk exclusively for you!