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I learned so much at ATD! One thing I really appreciated was there were LOTS of sessions on coding, TDD, BDD. It is great to have the real test-obsessed programmers at the conference.

valueing diversity, setting trends.

Participants at conferences are looking for answers to the challenges they face in everyday working life, and want to meet like-minded people. We offer them both.

We impress with creative ideas, an entertaining concept and the right feel for high-quality talks and workshops, so that nobody leaves with the same old questions, but instead everyone goes home full of new ideas and with fresh contacts. Diversity comes first with us: we have a colourful mix of participants, talks, team-building and feel-good atmosphere. And the ways in which they come together at our events is now even award-winning.

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agile testing days germany

November 19-22, 2024 Potsdam, Germany

Agile Testing Days is a conference for software testers and their teams, where every year over 600 international experts gather to learn, exchange experiences, and set trends for the future of the IT industry. With exceptional session formats, an innovative event concept, and a high-caliber, diverse speaker lineup, AgileTD has been setting new standards since 2009.

AgileTD Meetup Tour

monthly meetups throughout Europe

The AgileTD Meetup Tour welcomes you to a different European city every month. Have a look at our Meetup page to see if we will be in your area soon. We look forward to seeing you at our AgileTD After Work format. You can find more information on the next dates by following the button.

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uwe gelfert

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ina hölzel

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isabel maldonado

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stefanie mania

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marc antoine vives

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