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About us

trendig: Experts in implementing digital future projects since 1998

trendig is one of the leading management consultancies for quality in software development, agile transition and the implementation of artificial intelligence. We ensure motivated teams, satisfied customers and excellent products. Based in Berlin, we have been supporting our clients with our expertise in quality assurance since 1998.

What we do

We observe, coach, implement together with our client teams and deliver tangible results within the agreed timeframe.

Why we do it

We love and live to accompany and empower teams at work, to collaboratively create amazing IT products and make customers happy.

How we operate

We listen and usually find out quickly where things could go wrong thanks to our experience. We then work with team members and managers to find suitable solutions.

Who we are

35 team members aged between 30 and 72, with over 400,000 hours of combined project experience across all industries, development methodologies and best practices.

Why use us

We know what we do and our customers rely on our expertise. We know how to handle this responsibility and how to achieve our goals in a resource-efficient way.

What we will NOT do

We don’t come to stay. We don’t tell the team what they can do better, because the team itself knows best. We help to refocus their vision and clear the way.

since 1998

all industry sectors

500 projects all sectors

Automotive, energy, finance, banking and insurance, e-commerce and retail, medical technology and pharma, public sector and military, media and publishing, telecommunications, heavy industry

our projects

15% Innovation
design thinking and agile
85% Agile & Agile Transition
Design Sprint
Development & Testing

Artificial Intelligence 


Our company

Educational Center Icons

founded in 1998

as Díaz und Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH
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3 magazines

Testing Experience, Agile Record, Security Acts
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7 conference series

Agile Testing Days, Gamethinking Europe, React World, Mobile App Europe, Agile Transition Day, Testing & Finance, EDV-Recht “IT Law”
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3 books

The Design Sprint Manual, Basics of Mobile App Testing, Testing in the World of Finance
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Project hours
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Successful training participants
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4 languages

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45 Countries

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, France, Britain, Romania, USA, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Australia, South Korea, India, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, China, Malaysia and many more

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