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Software Testing Podcast to Listen in 2023

Last updated: 16.06.23
Software Testing Podcast to Listen in 2023

Software Testing Podcast to Listen in 2023

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for content in recent years, offering a convenient and accessible way for people worldwide to listen and learn from experts.

Whether you're interested in agile testing, quality assurance, or women in tech, there's a podcast for everyone in this software testing field. In this blog post, we'll explore the world of podcasts in the agile software testing industry.

The following is a list of podcasts that will keep your software testing knowledge up-to-date and spark your learning. All the podcasts are well-produced, informative, and engaging, and they are highly recommended to anyone interested in testing or software development.

PS: Please keep in mind that the order does not apply to priority. Each person’s podcast is as valuable and important as the other.


So, grab your headphones, and let's dive in!

Happy Podcasting!!


Donkey and Dragons Podcast by Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin

Donkeys and Dragons Podcast

Authors and pioneers of agile testing books, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin started their video series on their Youtube channe “Agile Testing Fellowship”, thel “Donkeys and Dragons” podcast. The podcast is exclusively in video form on Youtube available. 

Every month, they release an episode in which they spend at least 15 min talking about agile testing. Some episodes include themes such as scaling testing, testing APIs, and ethics in testing.

This short but knowledgeable podcast also features big names in the agile software testing industry. Industry leaders such as Fiona Charles, Lisi Hocke, and Mark Winteringham have been invited to the podcast, yet more special guests are to be joined this year.

Subscribe to Janet and Lisa's Youtube Channel and listen to their podcast here:

Automation Testing Podcast by Joe Colantonio

Automation Testing Podcast

Available on 5 different platforms, the automation testing podcast by Joe Colantonio is the longest-running podcast dedicated to automation testing. Since 2014 Joe has provided its listeners with how to succeed with their automation performance, security testing best practices, and many interviews with top experts in the industry.

Check the website and start listening here:

QA Therapy by Sergio Freire & Cristiano Cunha

QA Therapy

Sergio Freire and Cristiano Cunha Solution Architects and Testing Advocates from Xray bring joy, fun, and knowledgeable insights about testing and quality practices with their QA Therapy podcast. On Spotify, listeners hear the hosts talk about some of the most common testing and quality challenges. In total, there is 18 episode spread in three seasons.

Start listening here:

The Testing Show by Matt Heusser & Michael Larsen

The Testing Show

Hosted by Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen, two experienced testers, The Testing Show podcast covers many topics, including test automation, agile testing, mobile testing, and quality assurance. The impact of Machine learning and artificial intelligence in testing and quality assurance are discussed in this podcast. 

With a focus on real-world experiences and practical advice, this podcast brings helpful stories and informative insights to its listeners. The podcast is also notable for its emphasis on emerging trends and technologies in the testing world.

Check the website and start listening here:

Software Testing Podcast by KiwiQA

Software Testing Podcast

Listen to what is happening in the software QA testing industry in the Software Testing podcast by KiwiQA Services. This podcast is available on 7 different platforms and releases one episode per month. This podcast is for those curious about the software testing industry, testing tools and technology, and the industry's future.

The listeners can learn and discover more from topics such as web application security, big data testing, accessibility testing, manual testing, and more.

Check the website and start listening here:

Test & Code

Test and Code podcast focuses on software testing, emphasizing Python programming. The podcast is hosted by Brian Okken, a well-known software tester and author of the book "Python Testing with Pytest."

Each episode of the podcast features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders and discussions on testing topics such as test automation, testing frameworks, and continuous integration. The podcast also covers Python programming topics, focusing on how they can be applied to software testing. 

The Test & Code podcast is available on 4 different platforms and is close to reaching 200 episodes! 

Check the website and start listening here:

How to start API Contract Testing Series by Lewis Prescott

How to Start API Contract Testing series

Testing in microservices can get tricky very quickly, but don't worry, Lewis Prescott is here with his podcast to provide you with the right mindset and tool for success. This podcast brings experts and guests to discuss their challenges in today's software testers working in microservices architecture.

You can access this podcast on 5 platforms and explore topics such as API contract testing, OpenAPI Specification, and Exploratory Testing API, among others.

Check the website and start listening here:

AB Testing Podcast

AB Testing

In the A B Testing podcast, hosts Alan and Brent share anecdotes and insights about the evolving landscape of software development. While the title may be misleading, their discussions touch upon various relevant topics, including Agile, Lean, Delivery, DevOps, Data Science, Experimentation, and Leadership. Tune in every other week to hear their engaging conversations and stay informed on the latest trends in the industry. 

This podcast is available on 5 platforms and has so far 180 episodes. Tune in every other week to hear their engaging conversations and stay informed on the latest trends in the industry.

Check the website and start listening here:

Ministry of Testing Software Testing Podcast

Ministry Of Testing Software Testing / QA Podcast 

The "Ministry of Testing" podcast is a fantastic resource for software testers of all levels. Hosted by various industry experts and practitioners, the podcast features interviews, discussions, and insights on various testing-related topics. The podcast covers relevant subjects, from test automation and agile methodologies to leadership and career development. Additionally, they often feature guest speakers who share their personal experiences and insights, making it an excellent platform for learning and networking in the testing community. Whether you're a seasoned tester or just starting, the "Ministry of Testing" podcast is a valuable resource to help you stay informed and grow in your career.

Check the website and start listening here:


Podcast available only in German 


QA Tittle Tattle Podcast by Sonja & Maris

QA tittle-tattle 

The podcast "QA tittle-tattle" is recorded by Sonja and Marlis. Sonja and Marlis have been working in quality assurance in the IT sector for many years. Every 3 weeks they talk and discuss about exciting topics in the field of quality assurance, test management, software testing and everything else that goes with it. 

You can find out more about this podcast here:

Software Testing hosted by Richie Seidl

In today's rapidly evolving software development landscape, complexity is on the rise. With networking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning shaping the industry, traditional testing methods are being challenged. Additionally, users now demand higher standards of usability, performance, and functionality. In this podcast, we bring you insights from experts across various software development disciplines. They share their experiences and provide valuable tips and trends to help you enhance the quality of your software projects. Stay updated with the latest strategies and techniques to tackle the ever-growing challenges in software testing.

Podcast Link:

Software Testing by Richie Seidl



If you know any other podcast related to software testing, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will include it on the list.