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7 answers about ISTQB certifications

Last updated: 12.09.22
7 answers about ISTQB certifications

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle Siemens, CEO of

Brightest is an international exam institute that supports global certification standards in multiple languages (e.g. ISTQB). Brightest offers the opportunity to test and validate industry-based knowledge in IT specialties.


1. Who is the certified tester foundation level training and certification suitable for?

The ISTQB CTFL is ideal for anyone who wants to master the theoretical fundamentals of software testing. It is not limited to professionals working in the field of software testing. In fact, many candidates who take the exam do a lot of work with QA departments to avoid misunderstandings associated with the terminology around the subject as a whole.


2. How much time do I have to prepare for the exam?

If you are attending an official training from providers such as trendig GmbH, it is important that you take your exam as soon as possible after the training (so you have everything fresh in your head) in order to achieve the best results. However, the "vouchers" provided for the exam platform are always valid for at least 12 months. So you can take the exam within this period.


3. What do you recommend? should I take the exam online or rather at a test center?

Brightest prides itself on offering many flexible options so that everyone can take the exam in the way that works best for them.  We always recommend (if possible) taking the exam at a test center, as candidates are then not responsible for the technology working that day. All they have to do is present their ID and then demonstrate their knowledge; however, we are also proud to offer Brightest Private exams through the world leader in exam administration (Pearson VUE).


4. What type of exam is it?

Brightest offers 4 ways for you to take your exams. 2 options are for groups of 6 or more and 2 are for individuals.

For groups (of 6 or more people):

Brightest Green Exams - Electronic exams for groups of 6 or more in many different languages, anywhere in the world.

Brightest Paper Exams - The classic exam experience for groups of 6 or more in a growing number of languages.

For individuals:

Brightest Center Exams - In multiple languages at more than 5200 testing centers with easy registration through the Brightest page of the Pearson Vue website.

Brightest Private Exams - Electronic exams for individuals administered by a Pearson VUE expert in real time via webcam (available for ISTQB).


5. Why should I take the exam with you?

Brightest prides itself on providing an extremely flexible and high-quality exam experience for all participants. We are customer focused and partner with the leader in electronic exam administration (Pearson VUE). We respond to feedback from our partners and participants as we believe in continuous improvement. All successful participants* in our exams also receive a free digital badge through Credly (market leader in digital badges).


6. What are the advantages of taking the exam and receiving a certificate over the training certificate of attendance?

In general, we hope that all participants* will attend the training with an interest in learning and expanding their knowledge. Certification serves as confirmation that this transfer of knowledge has occurred. Officially certified professionals have the possibility to be registered in official alumni lists (e.g. on the ISTQB website). On an individual level, certificates can be a great help when applying for new jobs, and for companies there are tenders that require professionals on the team to be certified at a certain level to get more recognition. Taking a course is an important first step, and validating that knowledge with an official, globally recognized certification is a logical next step.  


7. What comes after certification?

At best, implementation in the workplace. It is one thing to acquire the knowledge and another that it is up to each participant to return to the workplace and see where it can be implemented. Brightest is also always happy to hear how a test went and how you benefited from it. If a participant would like to tell us about it, we would be happy to hear from them at, as we are constantly posting testimonials on social media from participants who have taken their exams with us.