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Why does society need the AgileTD community?

Last updated: 01.07.22
Why does society need the AgileTD community?

A call to carry our spirit forward.

I don't know if you've ever been to one of the many AgileTD conferences. Very briefly: the AgileTD are a safe place. That means you can be you, who you are, without fear of someone judging or rejecting you for it. We are the image/front face of an open, safe and friendly society that values your own opinion, and respectful, open criticism. Of course, AgileTD are not free from mistakes and even contradictions. But we get better every year. It is a process. At the core is the certainty/safety that you can be you, who and how you are.

When we look at what is happening in the world right now, it is always about power and the ideals of a few to rule over the lives of everyone else. Minorities, those who think differently, feel differently or believe differently, women, People of Color, non-binary and many others devalued in arbitrary groups have always had a very difficult life. This has to stop.

Technically, we always talk about the "old world." But actually this old world has managed to arrive in the new world. I am certainly an idealist, perhaps even totally naive. But I believe in mankind. I believe in goodness, in love. I want to change the world. I want to take this spirit we have at AgileTD conferences and bring it to the world. It is possible. We just need to grow the small project from sprint to sprint and build communities that take that spirit into companies, government agencies, and personal lives. We know it works.

AgileTD are not alone in this. 

There are small and larger communities that have the same or similar spirit and propagate this.

All of us who have and love this spirit need to work towards it being transmitted. We all have the right to want and to be what we want to be. Respect and safety are the rules.

Please support these communities. Get involved. Let's create a better, safer world. Because a steady drop wears away the stone.

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