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José Díaz is the chief strategic thinker at trendig technology services GmbH. He has over 30 years of professional experience. As sole Shareholder and Managing Director, José takes on some of the trainings in order to test the practicability of the courses developed by trendig GmbH in particular, and to receive immediate feedback from participants. In his eyes, this is the only and defining reason to ever offer one’s own training courses. Customers’ requirements in terms of knowledge, new insights and discussion regarding certain areas is what determines the trendig course plan and shapes new proprietary solutions – such as Agile Testing for the Whole Team, Tester in Artificial Intelligence or the Design Sprint Master 2.0 course – developed together with partners.

José is a spanish native and studied Engineering in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Barcelona, as well as Business Administration and Computer Sciences in Berlin. He originally wanted to become a chef and bar owner on the Canary Islands, but love led him to Germany: from Head of Quality Assurance at a police department, and projects as Senior Consultant for IT Quality, IT Security and Project Management, through to the founding in 1998 of Díaz & Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH - now trendig technology services GmbH -, which supports companies in all sectors around the world in matters of IT quality. Financial services, automotive, telecommunications and media are the industries the company focuses on.

For some years now, José has particularly dedicated himself to advising companies on their journey to digitisation and innovation management with the aid of design thinking. He recognised early on that working with agile methods is a crucial component to this journey. In 2009, he launched the “Agile Testing Days”, which have now become globally recognised as one of the leading industry meet-ups in this arena, with over 700 international participants coming together every year in Berlin. Since 2004, José has also been President of the Spanish Software Testing Qualifications Board and a member of ISTQB. From 2008 onwards, the “testing experience” journal that he edits has reached 250,000 readers around the world as a quarterly print and online edition.

José describes himself as an almost-native speaker of German, and specialist terms in German and English come to him more readily than in his native Spanish. It is only when pursuing his great passion – cooking and barbecuing for his team, friends and family – that the creativity and aromas on display reveal his Mediterranean origins.

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