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how to organize your product backlog

In agile product development the product backlog is the single source of truth. It contains the complete roadmap for further development and exists as long as the product exists.

As all the development work roots in the product backlog it is vital for success to keep this artifact in good condition.

This means putting some effort in new product backlog items, adding detail to them as needed and removing the obsolete ones. All these activities are subsumed as refinement should be done continuously by the whole agile team.

But the most crucial factor for a successful product is the prioritization and organisation of the product backlog to deliver the most value to your customer. A good way doing this is to craft challenging and achievable goals that are well aligned with the product vision. After this is done the product backlog items can be clustered to viable releases in view of these goals.

In our techtalk practinar on Backlog Refinement you’ll learn how to keep your backlog tidy and how to to optimize it constantly. 


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