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create innovative products with design sprints

In our Design Sprint Workshop we bring in all our experiences from projects with focus on Design Thinking, Agile Developments, UX Design and customer communication. We follow the Google Ventures framework for Design Sprints and make workshop participants fit for this approach. Of course we set up our own in-house projects the same way we teach it to our customers - from understanding the current situation to a promising idea and testing a finished prototype with real customers. This enables us to achieve rapid, repeatable innovation cycles and make companies fit for their future and today's fast-moving markets. 

content & syllabus

In the seminar we concentrate on the realization of a Design Sprint.  We focus on going through each phase thoroughly step by step. On the basis of the immediate experience we achieve a great learning result together with the other workshop participants. We also provide tips and tricks to help to run your first Design Sprint as smooth as possible.

At the workshop you get:

  • A practical understanding of each step of the design sprint process
  • Your own hands-on experience from a real example Design Sprint
  • Best practices tips from previous sprints of our trainers
  • Assistance with the role of facilitator
  • Your own self-developed prototype
  • Tools and method tips for creating and testing prototypes
  • Hopefully all your questions about the framework answered
  • The Das Design Sprint Handbuch in German language with helpful illustrations for your sprints

target group

Practically anyone looking for innovations and improvements with his/her team and in his/her company can apply this method. The course is aimed in particular at:

  • Product managers and product coordinators
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Startup Founders & Managing Directors


Please bring your own laptop.

No special previous knowledge is required. The Design Sprint Master course builds on the Google Ventures Framework as well as the Design Sprint manual "Das Design Sprint Handbuch" by Jana Noack and José Díaz and Jake Knapp's "SPRINT" book. It is further developed by drawing on our trainers' experience of many sprints in large and small businesses. You don't need to have read the books, even though it can offer small advantages in being better prepared for the respective exercises.

exam & certification

The Certified Design Sprint Master exam is available as a paper exam or online assessment. It consists of multiple-choice questions related to the practical implementation of a design sprint. 

The exam lasts 60 minutes and contains 40 questions. The pass mark is 65%. The exam can be taken on the last day of training or later on your own PC anywhere in the world with Internet access. An independent certification body charges a processing fee for the performance of the examination.

Digital Badge from the certification company Brightest for Design Sprint Mastertrendig and the certification company Brightest support you in your career with a free digital badge for your business profile.


benefits and discounts

We know that you can learn best when you feel comfortable and when we meet as many of your expectations as possible. That's why you not only get a first-class training, but also a wide range of training and certification services. Read more about the benefits of training with trendig and what is included in our courses here:

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