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10.09.2024 - 11.09.2024
online webinar
901.00 €

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A practical course on DevOps quality culture

The course gives you the basics to engage in a DevOps quality culture. You learn to apply critical thinking skills to help your team build a good approach for continuous delivery.

You will leave understanding concepts and terminology that enables you to collaborate with site reliability engineers and other specialists. Moreover, you learn concepts and practices that build confidence to continually release new changes to customers, with their desired level of product quality.


content & syllabus

1: Introduction, and early testing

• Quality-focused DevOps culture

• Holistic Testing model

• Discovery and planning

o Evaluating and mitigating risks

o Prioritizing quality attributes

• Understanding what to build

o Guiding development with business-facing tests (ATDD, BDD)

o Techniques to build shared understanding

o Choosing data & events for monitoring & observability


2: Deploy 

• Continuous integration

• Continuous delivery / deployment

• Deployment pipelines – integrating testing activities

• Risk-based automation

• Testing infrastructure-as-code

• Measuring feedback loops


3: Release

• Release strategies to build confidence

• Testing in production – the safe way


4: Observe

• Service levels

• Monitor and alert for production issues

• Making a system observable

• Data to guide continuous improvement


5: Learn

• Learning from production usage

• Steps to achieve continuous delivery goals

• Designing experiments to overcome obstacles


Takeaways include:


• Techniques to get the whole team engaged in implementing continuous integration and

continuous delivery (CD)

• Applying the Holistic Testing continuous loop model to allow testing to “keep up” with continuous delivery

• Learning the language of DevOps practices, and join the conversations to shape CD

• Understanding deployment pipelines

• Strategies for test automation in continuous delivery

• Planning and including all necessary testing activities in CD


Participants learn from trainers’ real-life experiences, and practice basic techniques hands-on. Course activities include, but are not limited to:

• Planning for and understanding risks and applying mitigation strategies

• Visualizing the deployment workflow and identifying ways to shorten feedback cycles

• Using a test suite canvas to plan effective automated test suites

• Evaluating and choosing strategies for safe production releases

• Testing in production – the safe way

• Planning for and visualizing production usage data to guide improvement

• Practice designing experiments to help teams overcome obstacles


Note: The course does not teach specific tools, although examples are provided to help participants understand their purpose and usage.


target group

Anyone working in or with a product delivery team

that include business analysts, testers, programmers, managers, operations specialists and more.


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