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Methods and tools for efficient requirements management

Requirements must be managed efficiently and securely throughout the lifecycle of a project and the resulting product. This starts with the structuring of requirements in a repository, continues with the use of attributes, setting the right priorities, version and change management, and ends with the tracking of changes and their evaluation using traceability.

In this training, you will learn which methods and tools you can use to achieve efficient requirements management.


Introduction to the problem of requirements management

  • Definition of requirements management
  • Tasks in requirements management
  • Goals and benefits of requirements management
  • Relevant standards

Information structure models for requirements

  • Facets of a requirements landscape
  • Requirement types
  • Requirement artifacts
  • Form of documentation
  • Levels of abstraction for requirements

Defining and using attributs and view

  • Using attributes in requirements management
  • Using attribute schemas
  • Designing an attribute schema
  • Goals and types of views
  • Defining views and risks involved in views
  • Optimizing attribution and view modeling

Evaluting and prioritising requirements

  • Fundamental principles of evaluation
  • Prioritizing requirements
  • Ad hoc prioritization techniques
  • Two-criteria classification
  • 100-dollar technique
  • Analytical prioritization techniques
  • Combining prioritization techniques

Version and change management for requirements

  • Versioning requirements
  • Version control for requirements and requirements documents
  • Requirement configurations
  • Requirement baselines
  • Branching requirements
  • Change management for requirements
  • Reasons for, sources of and times for requirement changes
  • Types of requirement changes
  • Analysis and documentation of requirement stability
  • Change management process

Traceability of requirements

  • Definition of and reasons for requirement traceability
  • Defining traceability
  • Reasons for requirement traceability
  • Various considerations in the area of traceability
  • Different relationship types and forms for representing traceability relationships
  • Types of traceability relationships
  • Bidirectional and unidirectional traceability relationships
  • Forms for representing traceability relationships
  • Developing project-specific strategies
  • Evaluating traceability concepts
  • Traceability of non-textual artifacts

Variant management of requirements

  • Use of variants for requirements
  • Forming explicit documentation of variants and their evaluation
  • Feature modeling

Efficient reporting in requirements management

  • Reporting goals and benefits
  • Establishing a system of reporting
  • Interfaces
  • Content of a report
  • Challenges in applying reporting systems
  • Report definition process
  • Performance indicators in requirements engineering
  • Performance indicators in requirements management
  • Using the goal/question/metric method to derive performance indicators
  • Risks and problems in applying reporting systems

Management requirements engineering processes

  • Requirements engineering as a process
  • Parameters of the requirements engineering process
  • Documenting the requirements engineering process
  • Monitoring and controlling the requirements engineering process
  • Structural improvement of the requirements engineering process

Requirements management in Agile projects

  • Agile methods
  • Requirements management in agile projects
  • Mapping RM activities to Scrum activities

Use of tools in requirements management

  • Role of tools in requirements management
  • Principal approaches to tool selection
  • Exchanging data between RM tools


analysts, requirements engineers, project managers, product managers, quality managers


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educational leave

Even if it feels like a holiday with us - our ISTQB® trainings in Berlin are recognized further education events for all Berlin employees.

Educational leave must be submitted to the employer at least 6 weeks before the start of the course. For more information: bildungsurlaub - berlin


The seminar is based on the current IREB® syllabus and prepares you for the CPRE - Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Advanced Level - Management exam, which can be taken on-site or online after a classroom training. The exam is divided into two parts:

  • Multiple-choice exam: CPRE Advanced Level Practitioner certificate
  • Written paper: CPRE Advanced Level Specialist Certificate

Prerequisites for the certificate

  • The CPRE Foundation Level certificate is a prerequisite for the Advanced Level Practitioner exam.
  • The Advanced Level Practitioner certificate is a prerequisite for the CPRE Advanced Level Specialist exam.

The Practitioner exam consists of multiple-choice questions (approximately 45 exam questions). The exam questions refer to the material of the Advanced Level syllabus of the respective module. To pass the exam, a minimum of 70.00 percent of the total score must be achieved.

If the exam takes place in a language that is not your native language, you can request an extension of the exam time from 75 to 90 minutes in writing.

It is also possible to take only the Practitioner exam, you will also receive a certificate for the Advanced Level. (Price EUR 280,00 net, as of 23.11.2022)



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