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How to do MCDC in software testing

What is MCDC and how do I apply the modified condition decision coverage technique correctly? MCDC is a code coverage metric that can be used for testing software. Proof of code coverage is required or recommended for testing safety-relevant software in a number of safety standards. Different levels of coverage are specified, depending on the safety class of the software. However, this method is also a real contribution for non-safety-relevant systems, just as it is for non-code-related tests. In modified condition/decision coverage, or MCDC, the goal is to define the minimum set of test cases directly, rather than deriving this set from a maximum number of possible combinations. 

You can find more on this topic, including an example, in our blog post.

content & syllabus

  • Learn what MCDC is (and what it isn't) and when you can use it
  • Learn how to specify test cases for complex conditions with MCDC
  • Perform practical test exercises and see how the technique can be used in your own (also agile) practice

target group

For anyone who wants to learn how to make sense of the MCDC technique of modified condition/decision coverage in (software) testing and how to design tests with MCDC.

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