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introductory course in test automation

Test automation often resembles a bouquet of demands, expectations and wishes: Everyone loves it, everyone wants to understand it, but in the end the implementation remains incomplete to incomprehensible. Keeping this in mind, this short primer course has been created from a practitioner's mindset rather than as just another introductory course.

This primer is also prepared by keeping different schools of thought in mind. It tries to tackle many pertinent questions about (and sometimes against) test automation while also being empathetic about the huge possibilities that it brings to the table.

Philosophical yet practical, this primer will give deep insights into test automation for the newbies as well as those who are practising it for some years. Although it takes a Python based engine and framework to deliver the concepts, the lessons learned in this primer are applicable across languages, engines, applications.

Join this course to have a pluralistic look at foundations of test automation, beyond the right and wrong buckets and buzzwords. You will get insights into a pragmatic way of test automation with strong focus on the fundamentals.

content & syllabus

1. What Test Automation Really Is (30 minutes)

  • AEIOU: What do we do as Testers
  • Which parts of what we do is automatable?

2. Anatomy of a Test Automation Engine (Hands-on with Python unittest) (60 minutes)

  • Test Representation
  • Assertions
  • Test Fixtures
  • Test Discovery
  • Test Runner and Test Reporting

3. Test Automation in Practice and need for a Test Framework (45 minutes)

  • Web UI Automation using Selenium with basic engine (using unittest)
  • Role of Interaction Libraries (UI, API, Network, Database)
  • Configurability (Project, Central, Environmental, Coded)
  • Data Wrangling (Reading, Driving, Referring)
  • Consistent Test Project Structure
  • Debuggability (Logging, Reporting, Verbosity, Error Tracing)
  • Advanced Discovery and Filtering
  • Advanced Abstractions for Libraries (e.g. Page Object Model)

4. Anatomy of a Test Automation Framework (45 minutes)

  • Arjuna as an example framework using pytest as test engine
  • Web UI Automation using Selenium with Arjuna (Basic usage)

5. Q/A and Closure

target group

For all software developers, software testers and Agile team members as well as managers, who

  • are new to Testing
  • are new to Test Automation
  • are practising Test Automation for some time
  • are responsible for Test Automation
  • want to reinforce Test Automation concepts


There are no prerequisites for this course about test automation.

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