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your trainer Árpád Tóth

Have you ever come across a ballroom dancer who also happens to be a mathematician? Meet Árpád, one of trendig’s testing experts with 15+ years of experience in software testing, who has been involved in over 50+ IT projects. His expertise touches various industries, including IT, Telecommunication, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Energy, and Manufacturing.

Árpád is an AI enthusiast and has achieved significant results in building and testing AI models, particularly in the domain of Artificial Smelling. Árpád's specialties – apart from testing AI models – lie in non-functional testing like UX and performance testing. He has successfully introduced testing methodologies to more than 10 organizations, thriving with outstanding test management skills.

Passionate about project-based learning, Árpád is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, focusing on practical knowledge and application. As an award-winning ballroom dancer, having earned the European bronze medal and won the Hungarian championship an impressive 9 times, he knows that without training and learning from and with each other, long-term success is not possible.

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