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Dominique Mühlbauer

Dom is the rocker amongst our trainers. Not only through sometimes unconventional and creative solutions as Agile Coach, Agile Tester and Test Manager in his projects, but also literally as a singer in rock bands. Due to his years of stage and project experience he knows about the importance of learning the basics and standards - without the right basic beat no melody sounds really smooth. That's why, in addition to imparting knowledge, he also attaches great importance to practical exercises, because most of the great rockers impress with their skills, which have been developed and refined over the years. As a theoretician, no one has ever succeeded on stage. Beyond the standard program, he creatively improvises stories from his large pool of anecdotes and insights from large and small projects from all over the world. This is how unique trainings are created, which sometimes lead to standing ovations from the audience.

The goal of the performance is and remains, of course, to…



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