Ina Hölzel ina hölzel - Trendig Trainer

Ina is a Design Sprint facilitator and Product Owner at trendig technology services GmbH in Berlin. She has led and assisted numerous Design Sprints and Design Sprint Master Trainings ever since she chose to enhance her career at trendig in late 2017. Before joining trendig, she worked as project manager in the software development industry. She was responsible for the design and re-design of websites, online shops and applications and led intercultural teams for over 10 years. Dedicated to spreading the agile work ethic to the development and testing community and beyond, she is also responsible for the annual “Agile Testing Days USA” conference in Chicago. Together with José Díaz, she introduces Design Sprints to the agile testing community in their training classes. Ina is particularly passionate about human-centred design and tech humanism to evolve innovation and seeks new ways to create a communal, team-oriented and effective work ambience within her te…



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