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Jenny Doering is the lion tamer in our training team. Her strict approach to education and the soft spot she has for her proteges enable her to guide them safely through the software testing arena. Thanks to her commitment and discipline, she has helped all participants on her courses to surmount every obstacle and pass the exam. And, what's more important, to get through the job. Because, Jenny believes that the best training is good only if it can empower people to help themselves in their everyday working life.
Jenny is an IT graduate with over 35 years of practical professional experience gained on projects of all sizes in, for example, a music publisher, an exhibition company, a phone company, a steel corporation, banks and insurance companies. One particular highlight is that Jenny has already successfully tested cash dispensers and can even pass on one or two tricks outside of the syllabus. Jenny now also admits some influence from age-related long-sightedness, which train…



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