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Interview on the ISTQB automotive tester training

Last updated: 09.07.21
Interview on the ISTQB automotive tester training

Hello Werner, we are currently receiving more and more inquiries about what the ISTQB® Automotive Software Testing course is actually about. Can you give us an overview?

What can I expect as a participant in the istqb® automotive software tester (AuT) course?

It is a 2-day full-time course. In terms of content, it covers the specific requirements for testing automotive E/E systems based on established standards (Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, AUTOSAR®, MISRA). Different virtual test environments (MiL, SiL, Hil) are presented and their correct use is practiced in exercises. In addition, static and dynamic test methods for the automotive sector are explained and their application is discussed in the course.

do I need to know all those guidelines?

No, all relevant guidelines are introduced and the most important ones are discussed in detail.

does this training also cover current trends in the automotive sector, i.e. e-vehicles, autonomous driving, etc.?

The training covers the basics of testing in the automotive sector. The current version does not map the current trends. As I said, it is a basic training that provides a solid foundation for anyone involved in testing in the automotive field.

what are the main objectives of the certified AuT training?

As a participant, after the course you will be able to carry out risk-oriented planning of test activities and thus strengthen cooperation in the test team. This is done taking into account well-known structuring and prioritization rules based on the basic requirements of the relevant standards.

i have heard there are certain similarities to the istqb® CTAL technical test analyst training. how does the automotive software tester training differ from this?

Whereas the ISTQB® Technical Test Analyst training focuses on the fundamentals of technical testing (structure-based and non-functional testing), the AuT course focuses on automotive-specific standards and practices, including in particular the testing of controller hardware and software in conjunction.

and finally, who is the AuT training course intended for?

The training is aimed at anyone involved in automotive testing. This includes (m/f/d) testers, test analysts, test managers, test engineers, test consultants, release managers and software developers. In addition, managers and consultants in related areas (IT, project, quality assurance, etc.) will benefit from attending the course.


Thanks, Werner for answering these questions.

If you want to take the training or have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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