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ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level - Automotive Software Tester (2 days)

The ISTQB® CTFL Automotive Tester (CTFL-AuT) training provides a link between the ISTQB Certified Tester Standard and the industry-specific requirements of the automotive industry. You will get an overview of important test procedures and standards that are relevant for testing in the automotive industry.

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04.11.2024 - 05.11.2024
online webinar
892.50 €
18.11.2024 - 19.11.2024
892.50 €
18.11.2024 - 19.11.2024
892.50 €

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automotive software testing

The training lasts 2 days and covers the specific requirements for testing E/E systems in the automotive field on the basis of established standards (Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, AUTOSAR® etc.). Various virtual test environments (MiL, SiL, Hil) are presented and their correct application practiced in exercises. Additional static and dynamic test procedures for the automotive sector that are supplementary to the ISTQB® Foundation Level are introduced and deepened in exercises.

content & syllabus

In this seminar we teach the content of the official syllabus (CTFL-AuT) of the ISTQB®. In addition, our trainers will introduce you to as many practical examples as possible, so that you will later find it easy to apply what you have learned.

I. Introduction
Requirements from project goals and product complexity, project aspects influenced by norms and standards, six generic phases in the system life cycle, the tester's contribution to the release process

II. Norms and standards for testing E/E systems

Automotive SPICE (ASPICE)
Composition and structure of the standard, as well as requirements through the standard

ISO 26262
Functional safety and safety culture, classification of the tester in the safety life cycle, structure and test-specific parts of the standard
Influence of criticality on test scopes
Application of the knowledge known from ISTQB® CTFL in the context of ISO 26262

Goals and structure of AUTOSAR and the influence of AUTOSAR on the tester's work

III. Testing in a virtual environment
Test environments in general, motivation for a test environment in the automotive environment, general components of a test environment,
Differences between Closed-Loop and Open-Loop,
Essential interfaces, databases and communication protocols of a control unit

Testing in XiL test environments
Model in the Loop (MiL),
Software in the Loop (SiL),
Hardware in the Loop (HiL),
Comparison of the XiL test environments

IV. Automotive-specific static and dynamic test techniques
In addition to the CTFL curriculum, other static test procedures are used: MISRA-C:2012 programming guidelines and quality features for reviews of requirements.
As additional dynamic test procedures, the condition test (multiple condition test, modified condition/decision test) will be discussed, as well as the special features of back-to-back tests, error insertion tests, requirements-based testing and the context-dependent selection of test procedures.

target group

The CTFL-AuT Specialist module to the Foundation Level of the Certified Tester training programs is directed at all persons involved in the topic of software testing in the automotive area. This includes persons in roles like :

  • testers
  • test analysts
  • test engineers
  • test consultants
  • test managers
  • release testers
  • software developers

The basic level also addresses persons in the roles of project manager, quality manager, software development manager, system analyst (business analysts), IT manager and management consultants who wish to acquire basic knowledge and basic understanding of the topic software testing in the automotive area.

exam & certification

The participation in the exam is optional. We assume that you take the exam after the training course. However, please inform us during the course booking if you wish NOT to attend the exam.

The exam lasts 60 minutes and takes place immediately after the seminar on the last training course day. We organize your exam for you. The independent certification body charges 225,00 Euro plus VAT for the examination, which we invoice together with the training course fee.

Our trainers optimally prepare you for the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level exam.  For years, the number of our attendees passing the exam is above average. You already want to prepare yourself before the course starts? Please have a look at the ISTQB® CTFL-AuT syllabus and look up the relevant terms in the glossary

Prerequisites: to take the exam for a Certified Automotive Software Tester candidates must have the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL®) certificate and interest in testing in automotive development projects. It is recommended that the candidate has at least a minimum background knowledge in software development or software testing (for example six months’ experience as a system or acceptance tester or as a developer) and/or has gained initial experience in the testing in E/E development projects in the Automotive industry.

Digital Badge from the certification company Brightest for ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level - Automotive Software Testertrendig and the certification company Brightest support you in your career with a free digital badge for your business profile.

If you pass, you will become a member of the global community of more than 836,000 certified testers from over 130 countries. The certificate is independent proof of your expertise, which is already expected in the professional field by some clients and employers.

benefits and discounts

We know that you can learn best when you feel comfortable and when we meet as many of your expectations as possible. That's why you not only get a first-class training, but also a wide range of training and certification services. Read more about the benefits of training with trendig and what is included in our courses here:

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