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Exploratory Testing (Practinar 1/2 day)

In this practinar of trendig you hear about and experiment with the testing technique “exploratory testing”. After these three hours you will be able to design and perform small experiments with a software under test, deduct learnings and create new test cases due to its behavior.

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how to do exploratory software testing

Software development is a complex endeavor, so you don’t know about some effects until you see them. These unknown-unknowns are a critical risk in almost every product development (ad)venture.

A powerful yet lightweight technique to cope with unknown-unknowns is exploratory testing. This approach brings light to the dark corners of missed and misunderstood requirements and helps finding the bugs nobody has ever thought of.

You can also find more about our Techtalk series on Youtube.

content & syllabus

  • Learn about what is exploratory testing (and what is it not) and when to use it
  • Learn how to stay focused using timeboxed testing sessions
  • Be able to switch perspective using personas
  • Explore new sources for testing ideas
  • Perform hands-on testing exercises
  • Get valuable peer feedback

target group

For anyone who wants to learn about their "(software) system".

If you work in an (agile) team, as a tester or as a product owner, programmer or development manager and want to learn how to use exploratory testing to unlock your system's secrets, then this course is for you!

benefits and discounts

We know that you can learn best when you feel comfortable and when we meet as many of your expectations as possible. That's why you not only get a first-class training, but also a wide range of training and certification services. Read more about the benefits of training with trendig and what is included in our courses here:

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