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10.06.2024 - 12.06.2024
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15.07.2024 - 17.07.2024
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Unlock the future of testing with AI

Securing the future of many companies will depend on how they use AI. This is because all market participants will try to make the most of what is possible to gain a competitive advantage. Companies will offer their services and products with less effort and consequently in less time. We are moving towards a rapid development in competition. By taking part in our Train-the-Trainer AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer course you stay ahead and position yourself at the forefront of the testing field by integrating AI into your skillset and your course portfolio. You will gain hands-on experience with real-world projects and scenarios that prepare you for immediate industry impact, since 90% of this training is hands-on. Our expert Instructors make sure you can learn from leaders in the field, bringing you the latest insights and techniques from the world of AI testing.

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content & syllabus

🌟 The TTT training will be conducted by renowned AI experts Tariq King and Rahul Verma


Here's what you can expect from our meticulously crafted curriculum:

🔍🤖 GenAI-Assisted Testing: Delve with your participants into the evolution of testing methodologies from manual to AI-assisted approaches. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Language Model-based AI, its efficiency benefits, and strategies to overcome implementation challenges.

📝🔧 Prompt Engineering: Equip your participants with the skills to master the art of crafting effective prompts, which is essential for guiding AI in generating high-quality test cases. Teach them to adapt seamlessly to changes and maintain impeccable quality standards.

🔍✅ Requirements Review: Explore the critical process of reviewing requirements in-depth, ensuring clarity and accuracy to establish a robust foundation for testing strategies.

🛠️🔬 Test Generation and Optimization: Discover diverse facets of test design, efficiently leverage AI, experiment with formats, and incorporate systematic techniques. Unlock your participants' creativity with open-ended test idea exploration while considering technology and non-functional testing factors.

🧬🤖 Test Data Generation and Formatting: Help your students harness AI's power for data representation and generation. Help participants master techniques like regular expressions to manipulate data effectively across various formats.

🐞📢 Bug Advocacy and Reporting: Elevate your participants' bug advocacy and reporting skills, mastering the art of effectively communicating and addressing issues discovered during testing with precision and clarity.

🚀🔝 The Road Ahead: Make LLMs Work for You: Explain how participants can propel their expertise to new heights with advanced strategies, including custom GPT implementation for specialized knowledge management, overcoming challenges in AI usage, and initiating discussions on AI adoption roadmaps for testing teams.

target group

The train-the-trainer course AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer is aimed at software testing professionals who want to teach the possibilities of using GenAI in the daily work.

You will teach participants how to maximize their contribution to software quality assurance.

This course will change the way you work in software testing and bring your students up to speed with the latest in AI assisted testing.

Participation in the TTT training is only possible as a company/self-employed person. It requires the subsequent willingness to offer the AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer Training as a training provider with a contract to licence the training materials from AiU Artificial Intelligence United.


  • Hands-On testing experience
  • ISTQB CTFL or Equivalent Subject Knowledge specifically on test design techniques - ECP, BVA, Decision Tables and State Transition Testing


Technical/Equipment Requisites

  • Laptop
  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • ChatGPT GPT-4 Account
  • Admin Access on Laptop
  • NO Programming experience required

exam & certification

What you should know about the AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer exam:

  • The format of the exam is multiple choice.
  • Exam duration is 60 minutes. If the candidate’s native language is not the examination language, the candidate is allowed an additional 25% (exam duration = 75 minutes).
  • There are 40 questions.
  • To pass the exam, at least 65% of the questions must be answered correctly.
  • The total number of points for this exam should be set at 47 points. Therefore, a minimum of 31 points is required to achieve a passing score.

benefits and discounts

We know that you can learn best when you feel comfortable and when we meet as many of your expectations as possible. That's why you not only get a first-class training, but also a wide range of training and certification services. Read more about the benefits of training with trendig and what is included in our courses here:

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