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Werner Lieblang

Werner Lieblang is the globetrotter among our trainers. As Senior Managing Partner and Authorised Representative of trendig technology services GmbH, he has over 30 years’ project experience in English as well as German in the areas of (test) process analysis and assessment (TPI and SPICE), systematic testing and test management, software quality assurance, project management, agile methods and soft skills. Werner has helped to co-develop several training courses focusing on testing and agile methods, and, as a certified group worker, is a much sought-after workshop coach and experienced team coach. As a work-group leader, he also works on behalf of the German Testing Board. From the automotive and rail industries, e-commerce, banking and insurance, through to publishing companies, telecommunications and heavy industry, Werner has a broad range of industry experience in several countries.

Werner is therefore often just passing through when he is in Germany. His true…



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