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AI in software testing refers to the utilization of artificial intelligence techniques and technologies to automate various aspects of the software testing process. This includes tasks such as test case generation, test execution, defect detection, and test result analysis. AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns, and make predictions, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing activities.
Requirements Engineering courses according to IREB: Foundation Level and Advanced Level. Training material included. With certificate examination on request.
Requirements engineering, also called requirements analysis, defines the requirements for the software system to be developed (standardised according to IREB). Eliciting, documenting, reviewing, validating and maintaining the requirements is intended to create a uniform understanding between all project participants.
Design Sprint Trainings and Workshops, On-site courses or online
Innovation is first and foremost the solutions to problems or needs that a customer or user has. Design sprints are a procedure for rapid, systematic, user-centric idea generation, prototyping and customer-validated testing of tomorrow's products and services.
We also offer our training courses as in-house service at your company’s premises.
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customized training concepts

Together with you we create your training plan tailored to your needs! What is the level of knowledge in your team or across several teams? In which area of knowledge do you need to catch up? And if we know the content of the training topics you need to cover, then we will look for formal possibilities. Whether open training or in-house, whether online or on-site.

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in-house trainings

We also offer our training courses as an in-house service at your company. No matter if it is an open seminar with participants from different companies, if it is in-house with your own colleagues, if it is standardized with a certification exam or customized for your own professional practice - we are happy to advise you and arrange the right training for everyone on a variety of topics related to design thinking, programming, agile methods, requirements and software testing.

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techtalk practinars

Some things are simple in theory, but do not run smoothly in practice. Sometimes individual explanations are needed, sometimes a few dry runs in a protected atmosphere and sometimes simply the exchange of individual experiences from everyday work with an experienced coach. Around such topics trendig has developed the practical seminar series Techtalk: Small exercises and tasks around a specific topic, where participants can practice and exchange ideas with each other. The trainer gives tips and hints from his own practice to solve challenges.

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